Word-Centered Church Review

Book Review: 

It is difficult to believe that this book even needs to be written, but it does. With a balanced mixture of unashamed boldness and empathetic concern, Leeman argues that God's Word should be the foundation for church ministry. Whether it is singing songs of praise in the sanctuary or tending to toddlers in the nursery, God's Word should "reverberate," or bounce around from one person to another as sound does in a canyon. The book has three main parts: The Word, The Sermon, and The Church. Part 1 argues for the centrality of the Word in the life of the church as the primary means of growing people. Part 2 argues that expository preaching is the primary method in which the Word is communicated. Part 3 offers a short discourse on what Christians should be doing during times of collective worship. This short book may serve the church leader and layperson alike. In my humble opinion, some who read this may be put off by the author's subtle and biting sarcasm, especially in reference to "seeker" driven church ministry or the certain contemporary church models. Otherwise, this book is highly recommended and greatly needed. I received this book free from the publishers in return for an honest review.