Tozer for the Christian Leader Review

Book Review: 

This devotional makes a great gift! The cover is attractive and modern. My husband was instantly drawn to it (and now he's claimed it for himself - haha!), which makes sense since the color scheme is a bit more masculine than it is feminine.

I've become a huge fan of Tozer over the last year. His works have incredible depth while still maintaining a level of coherence for the average reader. Actually, I should say that Tozer's writing will stretch the average reader a bit because we are so used to reading book and articles that are fileld with easy language and are otherwise not mentally pushed to read the "old time-y language that Tozer uses (after all, he's from a different time). All that to say, it is still understandable, but a deeper read. Just like C.S. Lewis, Tozer tackles deeper theological issues.

All in all, this is a great, thought provoking devotional, and would make a great gift for a Christian leader!