The Simplest Way to Change the World Review

Book Review: 

Biblical hospitality as a way of life is the subtitle for this book. The authors challenge everyone who calls themselves a Christian to be a missionary. In other words, in following Jesus He challenges us to go out into the world, not meaning necessarily going to the other side of the world, but just reaching out to our neighbor next door.

Both of the authors share from their own experiences of meeting their neighbors and inviting them into their homes for a meal. In our culture of busyness and isolation, this is a much needed practice. Many of us do not even know our neighbors, much less invite them into our backyards or homes. What a difference it would make for a few Christians on each block to extend themselves and get to know their neighbors. Barriers would be broken down and people would have the opportunity to experience real Christian community outside of the walls of the church.

This book explains the biblical basis for hospitality and includes many practical ideas of how to practice the art of hospitality. I would highly recommend this for anyone who needs encouragement to meet their neighbors and to take the first step in inviting them into their home.

I received this book from Moody Publishers for this honest review.