Prayer Review

Book Review: 

I love how sleek and lovely this book cover is. It looks like the publisher - Moody - is updating some of Tozer's works into updated versions with covers that match this one. This book on prayer combines the best of Tozer's works on prayer into one book. One of the themes in this book is how if there's no serious urgency to pray, we don't pray and can forfeit the wonder of being united with God and conformed to the image of Christ.

There is so much truth and goodness in this book on prayer. Having attended Christian school for middle school through college, I was amazed at how easily some of the truth about prayer slipped from my mind. I found that the lack of urgency and immediate necessity to prayer has side tracked how often I pray, and this book came at a good time for me. There's just something special about reading Tozer's words that help reorient me.