The Heart of the Church Review

Book Review: 

Joe Thorn has provided a unique and valuable asset to Christianity with the release of this series on the church. The first book of this series, The Heart of the Church, is a simple, concise, and biblical account of the Gospel. Some works on the Gospel are specifically for the theologian, but this book is for everyone. Thorn is able to precisely articulate the Gospel while maintaining its simplicity. Thorn is even able to articulate the doctrines of grace in a way that is easy to understand - a tall order to be sure. Any person, believer or non-believer, would be benefited from reading this book.

One can clearly see that Thorn made a decision to make this book accessible for anyone. While some might mistakingly water-down the Gospel, Thorn is able to balance both the simplicity and truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that will prove to be valuable to the reader. This sets a great foundation for the rest of this series.