Failure: The Back Door to Success Review

Book Review: 

Failure: the back door to success is a wonderful book in which we can understand that even tough we sin, come short on many things, experience setbacks and have weaknesses, God still uses all of it to get us transformed and mature. It's an inspiring book that teaches anyone lots of things. We have to learn from the past without being controlled by it, have to accept ourselves the way we are and embrace our limitations. Accepting ourselves and seeing us accepted the way God sees us is truly a revelation. We have to become more gracious and kind toward other people and redefine our idea of success. We need faith, confidence, freedom and to know He is at work in us, what He started will bring to completion in our lives. He is not finished with us. Prayer is essential in order to have succes through His work in our lives. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.