Adorned Review

Book Review: 

Beautiful white hard-covered book loaded with the wisdom and revelation to younger women on Titus 2. Discover how to be beautiful through God’s eyes, the beauty He created in women meant to be embraced and be the power line that will bring praise and worship to Lord Jesus. How to be adorned and to adore, a unique assignment and a call to the beauty gender… Titus 2 gives the beauty secrets that will actually work, not the weight loss nor the make up tips.

Learn to be a woman under God, empowered by the sound doctrine as a shield from all the filth that enemy shoots. God called women to stand as model especially through the passing time, embracing each year to be the beautiful model at all ages. To teach others, especially younger women to be all that God called them to be is one of the commands given from the Lord Jesus… Learn to live a sacred service life is a privilege, not deprived and mundane tasks that steal your time and strength and sanity, sucking out the joy and life… There are rewards waiting on the compassionate, selfless, serving mothers. Jesus on Earth showed how to be the King with the servant heart, and that’s what He called his disciples to model and do.

Learn to be a woman under control, removing all the slander from the daily language, and giving thanks to God daily that will lead heart into the true worship. Develop self-control, and perusing holiness and purines with all the heart and soul…

What does it look like a woman under her roof, a woman who creates heaven in her home, nourishing and loving her man, even when it’s hard. Discover an unexpected blessing through submission to the husband the way Jesus spoke through the Scripture… A godly submission that will elevate the husband as the head of the household….

And, yes, to learn to be a mother that will tenderly love and show kindness to her children, a guardian on the Earth for each child which God will place as little bundles of joy, but with humongous demands on attention… The precious presents right form the Father’s hands…

Great for the women’s ministries and small groups studies.