The 5 Love Languages of Children Review

Book Review: 

I just finished reading “The 5 Love Languages of Children” by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell. It did not disappoint. I’ve never met Mr. Chapman or Mr. Campbell in person, but if I did, I’d drop the worn out book on the table, tell him I’d read it all, and throw in a hug to show my gratitude.

In this book, Chapman and Campbell explain the 5 Love Languages of children and how parents should focus on "speaking" the child's primary Love Language as well as the others. Those love languages are:

Words of Affirmation
Acts of Service
Receiving Gifts
Quality Time
Physical Touch

First, the book helps you discover your child’s primary love language and then gives you easy to follow guidance on how to speak that language to your child. With practical examples, the application is made easy. The reader is also given realistic things to say and do for all the age ranges of children. A bonus: there is even a "mystery game" with easy questions to ask your child to help you identify their primary love language. I did this with both my children and they thought it was super fun.

Before I turned the first page in the book, I knew my children’s primary love language. I mean, I AM their mother, and I’ve already read a love language book. I was wrong. Their primary love language was not what I had thought when casually considering it. It took reading about children specifically in each language, soaking in the examples given, and taking the quiz at the end to make it clear.

The real proof is when it was tried in our own home. After a tough day with one of our sweet boys, we spent the evening speaking his primary love language.  Everything changed.  We ended the night on a more positive note than I expected at midday.  All we had to do was speak the right language.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this
review. I’m giving “The Five Love Languages of Children” two thumbs up and highly recommend it to Moms and Dads with children of all ages. Want to speak your child’s language?  Check out the book.